08:30 Am Onwards | 22-23 FEB 2019

Novotel, Juhu Beach, Mumbai

A two day World Café Style confluence of Global Design Educators, Industry Experts, Policy Makers, International Design Professionals, Thought Leaders and the Next Generation from the Creative Domain.

“Creative revolution is the true revolution of our times. It has the ability to emancipate individuals, and give them the power to do what they love. It is the zeitgeist of our contemporary world.”

Indeed so! We couldn’t have been closer to the contemporary reality.

What’s Next - The Creative Spark is a two day World Cafe method conference that aims to build a creative bridge between avant guard experiments in technology and their potential to make social impact. The conference will be held on 22-23 February 2019. Know More

Changemakers at What’s Next 2019

World Café

The World Cafe format is a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group dialogues. It is flexible and adapts to many different circumstances. When the guidelines are used in combination, they foster collaborative dialogues, active engagements and constructive possibilities for action.

The opportunity to move between tables, meet new people, contribute ideas and link the essence of your discoveries to ever-widening circles of thought is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this format. As participants carry key ideas or themes to new tables, they exchange perspectives thereby enriching the possibility for sharing new insights.

It helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together. Colourful pens on the tables and a plentiful supply of blank papers provide the opportunity to participants to write down the key words, phrases, images and symbols that reflect ideas emerging in their conversations.

The Creative Spark

Student Competition

‘What’s Next: The Creative Spark’ will be a global confluence following the World Café format that will explore the potential of creativity to create a brave new world. Know More.

Faculty Competition

What’s Next - The Creative Spark Faculty Competition will celebrate creative excellence in teaching practices that demonstrate the potential of making a social impact. The competition will recognize teachers who have worked towards inspiring young learners to bring about change in the world. Know More