Future of Design Education

World cafe style confluence of global design educators, thought leaders & budding professionals.

  • Key issues in design education are in constant change and need to be monitored and mapped into current and ongoing courses for the curriculum
  • Design faculty needs to be introduced to a variety of teaching methods and since they come from a variety of backgrounds, they may need exposure to innovative / new-age tools and methods.
  • Design education in India has matured to reach a point where it can imagine, contribute within a wider scope, and take on complex real world problems.

Date – December 19 & 20, 2014
Time – 9:00 am onwards
Venue – ITC Hotel, Dwarka, New Delhi
What Next? – Future of Design Education

1. Macro and Micro trends that are sweeping our education and professional landscape.
1.1. Ecological Crisis and Radical Economization in a globalized world
1.2. The Networked Society and emerging models of social groupings (multiplicities)
1.3. The new role of the educator in the technological world (death of the teacher)
1.4. The emerging trends in the culture of work. (The end of sleep)

2. Pedagogy of the future
2.1. Macro trends defining a new pedagogical order- Impact of technology, networked society, and other trends
2.2. Need to create a designers with a global and social perspective- cross disciplinary ( integration if social disciplines and not just multiple design disciplines)
2.3. Re imagining the educator as an activist. From skills to ideology
2.4. Re imagining the learner as a productive force in social transformation

3. The curriculum of the future
3.1. Building a bank of meaningful tasks for design disciplines in the years ahead.
3.2. Building communities and connecting with the local knowledge networks. Creating social and human impact
3.3. Models for multi-disciplinarity and collaboration in design education.
3.4. Participatory models for production of knowledge.

4. The learners of the future
4.1. Imagine learning for well-being and not just for career.
4.2. Models that enable the learner to make her own institution – the Open source institution
4.3. Listing the critical thinking skills of the future.
4.4. Classroom exercises that make the designer an organizer of networks.


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